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VESTA is the premier supplier of portable and modular classrooms for education providers of all sizes. From small classrooms to entire schools, our expert team can help you meet any need, temporary or permanent, with available inventory or ground-up construction. From conception to execution, we’re here at every step to make sure your project is a success.

You’ll find the most important information about portable and modular classroom or school buildings here, but we’re here to help. Talk to an expert.

Modular School Building Case Studies

Our modular buildings for the education industry create dynamic space solutions that provide safe and clean learning environments for students and staff alike.

Portfolio Gallery of Education Buildings:

Permanent Modular School Buildings

A brand new modular school building can be customized to the specific needs of your student population. Spacious layouts with contemporary lighting, energy efficient designs, and constructed from the highest quality materials make these buildings the perfect solution to your infrastructure hurdles.

While some folks think that modular buildings must be bland or are too uniform, we’re here to prove that modular construction allows for the complete customization, appearance, and functionality that you appreciate from site built construction. The only differences are the cost and time savings you’ll appreciate by choosing a modular project.

Temporary Portable School Buildings For Rent

Temporary modular buildings are designed to last your school district for years, allow schools to rent buildings on flexible terms, and reduce the cost and responsibility of buying a modular school building.

We own thousands of standard modular buildings across the United States that are available for your school district to rent. Because these temporary classroom units are already assembled, we can quickly ship and install them for you.

Benefits of temporary and relocatable school buildings:

  • Lease them for as long as you need and save money
  • Install them and remove them quickly
  • Relocate them around your campus as your property changes
  • Provide clean, productive spaces while permanent school buildings undergo construction
  • Add square footage for less than the cost of traditional site built construction
  • Provide handicap accessible bathrooms and entryways easily
  • Add customizable features for student security

Common Types of Modular Classroom Buildings and School Facilities:

What institutions typically buy or rent modular school facilities?

  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary / High Schools
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Technical Schools
  • Charter Schools

Modular Classrooms

When we think of modular education buildings, we often are thinking of classrooms. Our prefabricated classroom buildings are designed and built offsite using a factory process and setting. The off site modular construction methods are what give modular classrooms their cost effective and timeline friendly installation. While we build your classroom or school building modules, your campus can avoid long term, messy, disruptive construction sites.

After we complete your portable classrooms, we can conveniently ship them anywhere in the country or overseas. Once on your campus, we’ll quickly install them, stacking and welding them together like legos. We can then finish them to match your other school facilities, provide handicap accessible ramps and entry-ways, and leave you with a turnkey modular school building.

To learn more about our modular classrooms visit our classrooms page and see some of our standard modular classroom layouts.

New and Used Modular Classroom Buildings

We offer both new and used school portables for sale near you. Our new portable classrooms can be completely customized to your class type, office and storage needs, layouts, and technical specifications. These customizations include material colors, exterior roofing and siding material types, handicap accessibility features, classroom furniture, and more.

One of our most popular and convenient modular building products for educational institutions are our used classroom trailers also called school portables. They are already assembled and waiting for you to simply choose. We quickly add any additional layout, technical specs, material requests, transport them to your location, and install the final product.

Check out some of our most commonly asked questions about school portables here.

Modular School Building Cost

The cost of a modular school building is dependent on several factors:

  1. Are you renting or buying the school building?
  2. Do you need a single classroom, office, restroom solution?
  3. Are you looking to build an entire school?

Generally speaking, the cost of modular construction will be more affordable than traditional, site built construction. This has to do with the efficiencies in the building, permitting, and installation process of modular classrooms and school building modules.

Leasing a modular classroom is more affordable than buying if you will only need the space for a few years. Otherwise, it is wise to consider purchasing your modular classroom space.

Our quality customer service team, communicative sales representatives, and experienced contractors will deliver a school building that will leave everyone happy, from your students to your school board.