We’ve been helping the healthcare industry service their patients and staff with medical office buildings, temporary hospital buildings, and medical labs.

With years of experience, we’re equipped to provide standard and custom modular healthcare buildings across all types of medical businesses and professions.

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Types of Modular Medical Buildings:

With the events that have unfolded in 2020, we’ve seen a rise in demand for cost effective modular medical buildings. Countries have even built entire modular hospitals in several weeks. We’ve offered our modular buildings services to hospitals and medical centers all over the country.

The modular industry, including ourselves, has been servicing the medical community for a long time with the following building types.

  • Modular Hospitals
  • Primary Care Medical Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Dermatologist and Allergist Office Buildings
  • Permanent Urgent Care Facilities
  • Mobile Urgent Care Centers
  • Medical Labs
  • Patient Care Centers
  • Dialysis Imaging Facilities
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Physical Therapy Offices
  • Rehab Services Buildings
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Vet Clinics and Animal Hospitals
  • Holistic, Naturopathic, Wellness, and Chiropractic Centers

While most of us think of medical spaces designed for patient care, medical professionals also benefit from similar facilities that you and I do while we are at work. This includes modular buildings and modules designed to function as restrooms, cafeterias, break rooms, locker rooms, and administrative office and storage rooms.


How Modular Construction Benefits the Medical Industry

Modular construction for healthcare facilities makes a lot of sense for three reasons we find ourselves repeating throughout the modular industry.

1. Customizable Medical Buildings

Healthcare design and construction requires significant customization to provide for unique medical environments.

Modular buildings can be wired in to accommodate data and technology demands for labs, imaging and x-ray machines, medical computer systems, and medical office specs.

Additionally, each type of medical professional requires different tools, different sized rooms and floor layouts, hallway widths, and electrical power demands.

All of these specific healthcare building specification requirements can be met with great speed and efficiency by modular building providers.

2. Speed of Modular Building Construction For the Healthcare Industry

Permanent Modular Medical Facilities

Permanent modular construction is quicker than traditional modular construction. This is a result of the modular construction process aka building modules in factory environments. The environment keeps workers and building materials out of the rain, snow and other weather conditions.

It also provides for a streamlined system of building for workers that keeps them organized, focused, and the construction project schedule rarely is derailed. And the process also allows for a quicker permitting system to ensure quality without delays.

Temporary Modular Medical Buildings

Modular medical buildings are also able to be installed faster through the use of temporary portable medical buildings. Temporary buildings are already constructed, meaning that they only need a small amount of adjustment to accommodate for different floor plans or technology specs.

Temporary clinics and temporary hospital buildings can be transported and installed conveniently located in parking lots or anywhere else on nearby property locations to accommodate patient and staff needs.

3. Cost of Modular Medical Buildings and Healthcare Facilities

The cost of modular medical buildings can be driven down significantly because of the above reason of speed. Without delays in construction and permitting, your project is completed faster and saves you money.

Significant cost savings are also made possible by flexible leasing options. Ensure your staff and patients have the facilities they need, when they need them. Then, when you no longer need your temporary clinic or office buildings, we’ll come pick it up, and you only pay for the time that you used your modular medical building.

VESTA Modular is a Modular Healthcare Building Supplier and Medical Office Builder

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