Whether you need an apartment complex, townhomes, and villas for a vacation destination, or you need to supply your employees with comfortable workforce housing and dormitories, we have a modular space solution for you. Check out our specialty housing projects below:

Portfolio Gallery of Workforce and Specialty Housing Projects:

Modular Workforce Housing

Modular construction makes for an excellent solution to providing your guests and staff with affordable housing options. Building modular means using prefabricated, portable dormitory modules that can be moved to all parts of the US, areas of Canada, and the Caribbean islands.

If you’re dependent on having a large workforce at a specific site location, providing modular housing can be a great alternative to traditional home buying and renting.

Benefits of Workforce Housing

  • Workforce housing structures can be permanent or temporary, giving you plenty of affordable housing pricing options.
  • Choose to rent or lease your workforce housing.
  • Able to supply housing with the necessary customizations for your particular employees and industry type
  • Housing floor plans, exteriors, and amenities can be as simple or extravagant as you and your staff need.
  • Keeps your staff together in a community.
  • Prevents location hurdles for excellent workers that could not otherwise afford to move or live at your job site
  • Able to supply units large enough to fit families when appropriate

Temporary and Portable Workforce Trailers and Mancamps

Used most often in the energy sector for oil fields and mining, at VESTA, we provide quickly deployable, high quality, energy efficient workforce housing. Suited for short and long term workforce housing demands, these dormitories accomodate any property space and are a cost effective way to give your staff housing.

Our simplest housing options are portable trailers located all over the country. These trailers are ready to be transported, modified, stacked and installed. We can build your project no matter the remoteness of your location, we specialize in transport and logistics.

Permanent Workforce Housing Solutions

Our permanent workforce housing solutions include housing units for large-scale energy sector jobs, multi-story workforce hotels, and more. These structures are designed by our experienced modular construction team and can be customized with the features required for your workers.

No housing project is too big for us at VESTA.

Specialty Permanent Modular Housing Projects

Affordable Housing Projects

While we do not build single modular homes, we are proud to take on many different housing projects. We have partnered with local government agencies in metropolitan areas to build housing developments for affordable housing for any income households.

See our affordable housing project in Atlanta.

If you’re a developer, investor, or planner and in need of a housing development, contact us whether you’re looking to build affordable housing for low income, middle to moderate income, or high income families.

Modular Apartments, Hotels, Townhomes, and Villas

Modular housing developments are a growing interest to vacation hotel developers and large-scale housing developers. The reason that our product works so well in the housing development industry is simple.

  • Modular buildings maintain quality control while delivery speed and affordability.
  • Large-scale complexes enjoy as many customization options as are associated with more traditional construction methods.
  • Choose to build with the highest quality materials, appliances, and designer layouts.
  • Ensure your exterior features match your environment and other permanent buildings
  • Built to be PERMANENT

VESTA Modular Housing Solutions

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