VESTA owns thousands of modular office buildings offered for rent across North America and has a building in stock to meet most customer needs. One of our most popular single office buildings is the 40-foot shipping container office, which we converted the space so that half is the office and the other half is Storage. VESTA also offers many different configurations to meet each customer’s needs. Browse our inventory or contact us to learn more.

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Need more space? Odds are VESTA has your office complex solution. Our extensive inventory is available across North America so if you need additional office space lets talk. VESTA offers office complexes for purchase or lease. View our inventory. Our team will customize your office complex to your specific needs, or provide standard products that can offer cost-effective advantages for your project.

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Need a Classroom, Office, Container Office or Storage – View available VESTA inventory at

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Offices Quick Facts

standard modular offices

on ground office

On-Ground Container Office


12`x 36`


12`x 60`


14`x 60`


24`x 36`

12x48 container

20`x 48`

24x60 modular building

24`x 60`


36`x 60`

48'x60' modular building

48`x 60`

60'x60' modular building

60`x 60`


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