Our 60’ Double-Wide Office Unit

If you are interested in adding more office space on your property but don't want to deal with the hassles associated with traditional construction methods, prefabricated modular construction could be exactly what you are looking for. At VESTA Modular, we design a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to best fit your needs. Then, we build your units offsite, deliver them to your property, and install them to your precise specifications. This way, your team can get back to work sooner, and your property spends less time under construction.

The 60’ double-wide units offer four large offices, one smaller office, and a communal workspace that can be broken up into smaller cubicles. The offices also come equipped with a handicap-accessible bathroom and a small storage room for all of your office essentials.

If your company needs more office space but can't commit to building a new structure on your property, our temporary modular units are the perfect solution for you! Under our transparent leasing agreements, our team will come back and pick up the units from your property when they are no longer needed. This way, you can utilize that space on your land for other projects in the future.

Common Uses for Our Portable Office Trailers:

  • Temporary office space for contractor/builder
  • Onsite offices for construction sites
  • Administrative office or document/record storage
  • Lab, medical records/document storage, administrative office
  • Inventory overflow for retail office spaces
  • Portable control rooms

Standard Modular Office Building Features:

  • ADA compliant handicap bathroom
  • Climate controlled office environments
  • Quick Turnkey Access
  • Well-lit, clean office space
  • Easily Relocatable
  • Wired for full data connectivity
  • Cooperative purchase options
  • Customizations upon request

Our Standard 24' x 60’ Double-Wide Office Floor Plan:

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