Modular Office Complexes for Sale or Lease

Rental costs can be a heavy monthly cost for businesses. It may be time to look into an alternative of equal quality, but less cost. A modular office is the perfect solution for companies who are looking for a workspace that is secure, convenient, and customizable. VESTA is the premier supplier for office complexes. 

The walls of our modular office complexes are thick and sturdy, blocking outside noises that can distract you and make you lose focus on your work. They consist of three or more modules, providing ample space for workers to have their own office if needed, along with space for any clients or customers to visit the office. Our modular offices have the look and feel of a standard office, equipped with all the necessary amenities including restrooms with complete plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and an electrical wiring setup.

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Available Modular Office Complexes for Sale or Lease

  • Office
  • Multi Unit

Custom Office Complex

  • Office
  • Multi Unit

Standard Office Complex


Types of Office Complexes

Permanent modular offices are constructed much in the same way as traditional buildings once modules are delivered to the site. Use one of our modular offices for your business’s headquarters or for a place to assemble your products. Their design, similar to a traditional office building, makes modular offices comfortable and welcoming to customers, whatever your practice may be. We can also attach modular office complexes to existing office buildings for your expansion needs.

Office Complex Headquarters

If your business is looking to find a place to lay down headquarters, a modular office complex is an ideal worksite. Modular office complexes can easily expand with your business, allowing you to add modules as your team grows.

Modular Office Buildings for Schools

Education is consistently underfunded, to the extent that teachers often end up buying supplies for their students. Modular offices can be used for schools, saving the district money that can be allocated to staff wages, college preparation, and updated textbooks and technology.

Portable Office Complexes for Construction Sites

For big construction projects, you need a work area that your construction team can go to for documents and planning, but many leasing contracts are too long. A portable office complex can be relocated when the project is completed.

Government Office Complexes

People are always searching for a more efficient way for taxpayer money to be spent. Local, state, and federal governments can upgrade from outdated mid-century buildings to clean, safe, secure modular office complexes without exceeding the budget.

Medical Office Complexes

After the pandemic, medical facilities were overcrowded, with not enough individual rooms for patient care. Expand your healthcare clinic with modular examination rooms, waiting rooms, and medical screening areas.

Church Office Buildings

Many churches not only have places of worship on their properties, but also schools, administrative offices, and more. Get everything you need for your community with modular office complexes for churches.

Get Fully Furnished Office Complexes with Beyond the Box

Why Office Complexes from VESTA?

Nobody can create a custom modular office quite like us. When you build with VESTA, you get greater savings and advanced customization. 

We understand that your business or organization has unique needs, so your office needs to be unique as well. Our office modules are constructed and delivered at a rapid rate, and we’ve made a commitment to using materials that are friendly to the environment. You can also get our modular offices with built-in WiFi, so the burden of setting up the internet isn’t on your shoulders.

Our Process

Acquiring a modular office complex sounds like a large project, but it’s actually quite simple. The process has four steps:

Project Inquiry

Contact us with details about what you require in a modular building, and a member of our team will work with you to find out what kind of building model would be best for you and your company.

Design & Permitting

Our team will work with you to gain an understanding of your design preferences and budget. Together, you will work out which building materials to use and size of the office complex.


Once you’ve settled on a design you’re happy with, we lay the building foundation at the installation site. We then construct the individual modules in our warehouse, a process that requires less time and manpower than traditional building, lowering the cost. Every part of the module is built during this time, including the floor, ceiling, walls, and frame.

Transportation & Installation

Building the modules separately allows us to transport them easily and safely. Our modules can be transported by trains, barges, freighters, or commercial trucks. We assemble the modules on-site to create the office complex, a process that takes minimal construction time. Your new modular office can be occupied within weeks.

Office Complex Costs


We lease modular buildings for as long as the customer desires, with short-term, long-term, and indefinite leases. Short-term leasing offers significant flexibility and can be contracted for a few months or years. A long-term lease typically continues for two to five years.


If you are looking for something more long-term (a period of five years or more), purchasing a modular office complex may be more economically beneficial to you in the end. It’s more sensible to simply buy a unit if you would otherwise be paying that much anyway with continuous lease payments. 

Other Cost Factors

There are other factors that influence the cost, such as:

  • Building size: As with any traditional building, a bigger size means more material and construction time, which raises the costs. 
  • New or used: Used modular office complexes are cheaper because we only need to transport the buildings, not build them from scratch. 
  • Permanent or temporary: Temporary modular offices are less expensive than permanent ones because they can be leased or sold easily and moved to a new location once the owner is done using them. 
  • Customization: The more elaborate the customizations, the more expensive a custom modular office will be. 
  • Beyond the Box: The Beyond the Box furniture, various installation services, and appliances you want will also impact the cost. Our team can find solutions to fit your needs and budget. 


Get the Perfect Amount of Space with VESTA

Our modular offices come in a variety of sizes, so your office complex will consist of the perfect amount of space for your team. We can even add expansions to the complex as your team grows! Modular offices can be roomy, spacious, and design-savvy. Shop our custom and standard modular office complex selections today.

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