Custom Modular Offices for Lease or Sale

It takes special skills to create a custom modular office that has the quality, refinement, and style of a traditional office building. VESTA has custom offices that raise the standard for modular office buildings. With our state-of-the-art construction process, on-site delivery, and high-grade amenities, our custom modular buildings are some of the most trusted in the industry. 

Our modular office buildings for lease and modular offices for sale give customers the opportunity to create the custom space they envision for themselves. Companies can work with us to design the layout of their office cubicles, bathroom, meeting rooms, and more. Everyone needs a quiet space to work, and buying or renting our offices saves money without giving up comfort.

Modular Offices

Available Custom Modular Offices

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing

Custom Dorms & Workforce Housing

  • Classroom


  • Specialty Building

Locker Room

  • Specialty Building

Dining Hall

  • Specialty Building

Pro Shop

  • Medical Building

Clinic Building

  • Medical Building

Imaging Building

On Ground Office units in Houston
  • Office
  • Shipping Container

Shipping Containers & On-Ground Offices

8' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

8′ Singlewide Office

10' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

10′ Singlewide Office

12' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

12′ Singlewide Office

14' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

14′ Singlewide Office



A permanent modular office is built with the intention of staying in its place forever. A concrete below grade foundation will be installed on site to meet the applicable code requirements and support the modular building. Permanent offices are ideal for someone fairly established who wants to lay down headquarters for their business or an uninterrupted space to work without distractions. These are for the long term and cannot be easily relocated.

Temporary or portable modular offices, on the other hand, can easily be transported anywhere. They don’t always require a below-grade foundation and can quickly be deployed. For industries that require moving around, such as construction, portable modular office buildings are perfect. They’re also ideal for creating a temporary workspace during disaster relief and for businesses that intend to relocate and need a transient workspace. 

Custom Medical Office

The customization of medical offices can be an essential part of construction. A layout needs to be designed in a way that makes sense to both patients and medical professionals.

Custom School Office

Schools need to provide offices for administrators and other support staff so they can serve their students effectively. Creating a custom school office, whether it’s an extension of a traditional school building or part of a modular school complex, provides a quiet space to work that isn’t too far away from students.

Custom Jobsite Office

The construction industry needs indoor space for its workers to plan out projects, keep permits and zoning paperwork, and take a break. Our custom offices can be created with built-in air conditioning to cool off workers during the intense summer heat. The mobility of a modular office lets construction companies relocate the office once the project is done.

Custom Admin Office

Administrative work can be handled efficiently and for a lower cost in one of our custom modular offices. Furnish your space and create sections for each team member when you design your modular office project.

Custom Hotel Office

Modular offices are an excellent fit for the hospitality industries. A custom modular office can be a great place for a hotel reception office, travel agency service desk, or industry headquarters.

Get Fully Furnished Custom Offices with Beyond the Box

Why Custom Offices?

Creating a custom modular office will provide benefits that not every office will offer. Some of the many great things about custom offices include:

  • Flexibility: Not everyone can work from home, and some people need an office quickly to meet deadlines. Rather than endure the lengthy and tedious process of rent paperwork, work with us to create the custom office of your dreams.
  • Greater savings: Office buildings are charging rent at an increasingly high rate. A custom modular office is a way to design your ideal office space in a location that’s convenient for you. 
  • Efficiency: Modular office buildings use fewer materials than buildings that are constructed on-site. They can be used for many decades and are an environmentally friendly alternative to standard offices. 

Our Process

The process of designing custom modular offices is really quite simple, with four easy steps:

Project Inquiry

How much space will you need for all your workers? Our team of builders will help you do the math. Whether you require an office complex or a single custom office space, we’ll figure out the best option for you. Learning your vision for your workspace is important to us, and we’ll do all we can to see the project come to life.

Design & Permitting

Using the design we create with you, we acquire all the necessary materials and permits and begin constructing your office. This is the part where it all comes together, and your office concept is soon going to be a reality. Our experts have years of experience in architectural design and will make a blueprint you’ll love.


Your custom modular office will be constructed off-site, saving us time and saving you money. We efficiently utilize materials, so there is minimal waste. The custom office you order can be worked on daily until the final result is achieved.

Transportation & Installation

Once the finishing touches are complete and the modular office building is ready to be used, we deliver it to you and assemble it on-site. Installation is a fairly quick process. You can now enjoy your brand-new custom office and start moving in your supplies and furniture.

Custom Offices Costs


If you want a custom office to work in but don’t plan on keeping the property forever, VESTA offers options for leasing modular offices. Long-term contracts are considered to be two years or more, but there is no limit to how long you’re allowed to lease one of our custom offices!


If you plan on occupying your custom modular office for more than five years, it would likely be more sensible to simply purchase the office. The continuous years of payments would outnumber the money you’d put into buying the building. Besides, quite a bit of consideration went into designing your office layout and the things it will need, so why not keep it?

Other Cost Factors

There are a few variables that may impact the cost, such as:

  • Building size: Projects can be as elaborate or simple as you like. That being said, a large custom office complex made out of a dozen modules will be more expensive than a simple office with three rooms.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent modular offices will be more expensive than temporary ones, due to the cost of implementing the foundation
  • Customization: The amount of customization that is put into a project impacts the price as well. We’re always up for a challenge, but be aware that it will increase your total cost.
  • Beyond the Box: Our Beyond the Box furniture and amenities are conveniently available to you. The number of items and services you purchase from our brand will influence the cost of your custom modular office.

Create the Ideal Office for Your Organization

Most employees spend a large part of their day in the workplace. Your company deserves an office that’s the perfect fit for everyone. Work with our team to figure out how to make time spent at your custom modular office feel like working from home. Our custom offices are as cozy as you make them. See how much your project will cost.

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