Double Wide Offices & Trailers for Sale or Lease

Our double wide modular offices come with a variety of floorplans to meet multiple space needs. With VESTA Modular, you can choose from our inventory of pre-owned double wide modular offices to lease, or you can build a new double wide office for purchase.

24' Doublewide Office Trailer

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24' Doublewide Office Trailer
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Doublewide Modular Office


Types of Double Wide Offices & Trailers

Whether you need a quick, temporary space solution or a permanent custom building, our high-quality standards and endless customizations ensure you’ll find what you need with VESTA.

Permanent double wide offices can be matched to existing office buildings to make them a seamless addition to your campus.

Modular Offices

Double wide offices are an affordable, roomy modular building solution for every industry. Add private offices or invest in more space to create an open office environment perfect for cross-team collaboration. Pick a floor plan that includes a conference room or a designated storage space for your inventory.

Construction Trailers for Jobsites

Construction trailers are an essential, secure office space for any jobsite. Get the most out of your construction trailer by choosing a double wide model. Have plenty of space to securely store blueprints, collaborate with crew members, add a restroom facility for your crew, and coordinate schedules with other construction teams.

Educational Labs & Offices

Double wide offices are a great, cost-effective space solution for schools. With a double wide office, you can create an administrative office hub complete with private offices, or build a state-of-the-art chemistry lab or computer lab for large classes. You can also create a flexible learning space that meets social distancing guidelines.

Meeting Spaces

Because of their size, double wide offices and trailers are a great flexible space for a variety of organizations. Whether your church needs a youth recreational room complete with bathrooms, or you want to add a large breakroom to your office complex, a double wide office can serve as the perfect solution

Healthcare & Disaster Recovery

Double wide offices are a great option for getting emergency services on the ground in the wake of a natural disaster. Create an emergency response swing space or triage center to meet your community’s needs. Permanent healthcare facilities can also benefit from double wide offices and increase their patient capacity by adding more private consultation rooms.

Get Fully Furnished Double Wide Modular Offices With Beyond The Box

Why Double Wide Offices & Trailers?

Single wide offices may be the building blocks of modular construction, but double wide offices are the first step toward getting a truly custom space. With a double wide office, you have enough room to designate different areas of the building for different purposes, such as offices, meeting rooms, storage areas, flex spaces, restrooms, breakrooms, and more. Double wide office trailers are a far better investment than traditional builds due to their:

Double wide offices are large, but they can be completed in record time due to the fact that they are constructed in factory-like, climate-controlled settings.

Our Process

Project Inquiry

First, our team of experts will help you choose the double wide modular office that’s right for your needs. Whether you need something permanent, temporary, new, or used, our team can help you find the right fit. We can also help you decide between purchasing or leasing your modular office building.

Design & Permitting

Next, we’ll design your double wide office according to your needs. We’ll also start site work at the building’s intended location and begin securing permits.


At this step, we’ll either begin constructing your double wide office, or we’ll modify an existing pre-owned model from our extensive inventory.

Transportation & Installation

Finally, your double wide will be transported and installed at your location site. Once utilities are turned on, it is ready for use.

Double Wide Modular Office Costs


VESTA offers a variety of leasing options, from short-term operational leases to financed leases to indefinite long-term leases. We have relationships with financing partners that can help make your modular office dream a reality.


Typically, purchasing your double wide office outright only makes sense if you intend to use it for more than five years. However, since VESTA also offers financed leases and even indefinite leases in some cases, purchasing your double wide office is simply one of many good options.

Other Cost Factors

Many other factors contribute to cost, including:

  • Building size: Double wide offices come in a variety of layouts, with the largest in square footage typically being the most expensive.
  • New or used: New double wide offices can be customized to your particular needs, while a used double wide office is typically a more affordable option.
  • Permanent or temporary: Temporary offices are often less expensive than permanent, although they do come with an eventual moving fee that may even out the price difference.
  • Customization: Double wide offices can be endlessly customized for a price.
  • Beyond the Box: With Beyond the Box, you can fully furnish your modular double wide office with VESTA.

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