Shipping Containers for Lease or Sale

VESTA has helped countless individuals and industries achieve their goals at an affordable price. We are the industry leader in quality and reliable service. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and our products make many individuals rethink their current impression of shipping container buildings.

Our shipping containers are most commonly purchased or leased to use for secure storage of materials and equipment. Some of our shipping containers have been converted into container offices by adding doors, windows, HVAC, and flooring. These are available to lease in certain branch locations. If you are looking for a customized shipping container to use for office or retail space, the best bet is to purchase a shipping container from us and work with one of our recommended partners that specialize in container conversions.

Shipping Containers

Available Shipping Containers for Lease or Sale

Types of Shipping Containers

Permanent shipping containers work perfectly for projects that are intended to be long-term. A permanent container can be constructed with a foundation at its chosen location. This makes the placement secure and sturdy in the event of any kind of extreme weather. You can use permanent shipping containers for offices, retail fronts, restaurants, apartments, and more.

Shipping Container Storage Construction Trailer

Shipping containers make excellent storage spaces and workspaces for your construction site. They act as a sound barrier, with metal walls that dim the noises of hammers and power drills. Shipping containers are also easily deployable, so they can be quickly moved from one project to the next.

Shipping Container Storage (Conex Box)

Shipping containers, also called Conex boxes, are highly secure and prevent equipment theft. Using a container for storage keeps your materials safe with its 16-gauge steel walls. Construction job sites especially benefit from theft prevention, with expensive tools that can’t be left laying around. With our Conex boxes, you can lock up your items on-site and leave them overnight. These Conex boxes have made excellent storage containers for various industries.

Shipping Container Office

Using a portable office container is an increasingly popular alternative to renting out an office building in your local business district. Shipping container offices are secure, convenient, and affordable. Our shipping containers have been made into brilliant and functional offices.

Shipping Container as a Retail Storefront

A shipping container storefront gives a modernized and urban ambiance to customers’ shopping experiences. Whether you are selling clothing, street tacos, skateboards, or coffee, customers will love the creativity of repurposing a shipping container for retail or restaurants. 

Get Fully Furnished Shipping Containers with Beyond the Box

Why Shipping Containers?

There are many benefits to shipping container storage and utilizing shipping containers for buildings:

Not only are our shipping container projects built more quickly than traditional buildings, but we also have a wide selection of shipping containers that have already been built. They can be deployed immediately and arrive quickly at their intended destination. Large industries that require short-notice storage space or manufacturing room can benefit from this.

Our Process

We make the process of shipping container construction easy with four simple steps:

Project Inquiry

Tell us what you’ll be using your shipping container for and the needs that must be met, and we will find the perfect solution for you. Together, we will figure out the size and amenities needed for the project.

Design & Permitting

After you decide on the type of shipping container you want, we acquire all necessary permits and start the design. Working with you, we can design a new shipping container office or storefront fit to your liking.


Our shipping containers are constructed off-site and delivered to your preferred location for a convenient and cost-effective process.

Transportation & Installation

We deliver the product to you at a low cost. If your shipping container project is intended to be permanent or constructed with multiple containers, we then assemble it on-site. Installation is quick and easy. 

Shipping Container Costs


Leasing or buying a shipping container is a difficult decision to make, but the right choice essentially depends on how long you plan to use it. Short-term lease contracts are ideal for someone searching for shipping containers for rent for a couple of months or years. Long-term lease contracts consist of leasing periods of two years or more. If a customer needs the shipping container for five years or more, it’s recommended that they purchase it. 


Purchasing a shipping container will save a customer money in the long run if their need for it exceeds the five-year mark. The money you would spend continuously over years on leasing payments could instead go toward owning a property you could keep forever or later resell. We can provide you with a quote to estimate how much your purchase will cost. 

Other Cost Factors

There are a handful of factors that influence the cost of a shipping container, such as:

  • Container size: Larger shipping containers use more material and cost more as a result. The most common and readily available sizes of shipping containers are 8’ x 20’ and 8’ x 40’.
  • New or used: Similar to many other properties, the value of a shipping container decreases with age and use. 
  • Customization: Ordering one of our specialty containers will cost more than a standard shipping container, as we have to set aside time to custom-make it.
  • Beyond the Box: If you’re using a shipping container to create an office, you’ll need furniture. Our Beyond the Box line of products and services allows you to purchase everything you need all from one source.

High-Quality, Affordable Shipping Containers for Lease or Sale

Whether you want a shipping container office or a shipping container for temporary on-site storage, our highly customizable selection of products for purchase or lease can accommodate your needs. Contact us today to receive a quote and start planning your project. 

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