Single Wide Offices & Trailers for Sale or Lease

Our single wide offices come in a variety of sizes to meet multiple space needs. VESTA Modular owns thousands of single wide modular offices that can be fully outfitted and ready for lease. We can also custom build a new modular office for purchase.

12' Singlewide Office Trailer

Available Single Wide Offices

8' Singlewide Office Trailer
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8′ Singlewide Office

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10′ Singlewide Office

12' Singlewide Office Trailer
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12′ Singlewide Office

14' Singlewide Office Trailer
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14′ Singlewide Office


Types of Single Wide Offices & Trailers

Single wide offices are the standard modular building solution for every industry. Whether you need a temporary or permanent space, want to lease or purchase, or want a new building or something pre-owned, a single wide office can meet your needs.

A permanent single wide is an excellent addition to any office complex, school campus, medical facility, or standalone property. At VESTA, we can easily match the exterior of your office to any existing buildings nearby, creating a flawless transition.

Modular Offices

Want to update your administrative offices? Single wide buildings are a quick, easy way to increase office space for businesses, schools, medical facilities, churches, and more. They can even be outfitted to offer private offices with closable doors rather than open concept office space.

Jobsite Trailers & Field Offices

Single wide office trailers are a favorite for construction workers in need of temporary offices on a construction site. They’re also a great option to use as field offices for scientific research in remote locations. At VESTA, we offer flexible leasing so you can rent your office trailer for only the exact time you need it.

Meeting Spaces

Whether you want to offer a hybrid workspace for your team, a teacher’s lounge at your school, a gathering area for your religious congregation, or a place on a construction site in which subcontractors can coordinate, single wide buildings provide a flexible space in which to meet.

Emergency Response Swing Spaces

In the wake of a disaster or emergency, it’s important to have clean, flexible space in which you can meet the needs of the community. Single wide offices are a fast, dependable solution in a crisis.

Get Fully Furnished Single Wide Modular Offices with Beyond the Box

Why Single Wide Offices & Trailers?

Single wide offices are the building blocks of modular construction. With a single wide office, you can find an affordable space solution while still leaving the door open for further expansion, customization, and upgrades.

Single wide office trailers are the superior choice to traditional builds because of their:

Weather and climate delays are a thing of the past with single wide modular projects, which are constructed in a factory-like setting.

Our Process

Project Inquiry

First, you’ll need to choose a single office that’s right for you. That means deciding between permanent or temporary structures, purchased or leased single wides, and new custom models or a pre-owned standard offices.

Design & Permitting

Next, we’ll design your single wide according to your needs. We’ll also secure any necessary permits and start working on the construction site.


Once designs are ready to go, we’ll either start constructing your new model or we’ll modify an existing pre-owned model from our extensive inventory.

Transportation & Installation

Finally, your single wide will be transported to the location site and installed.

Single Wide Office Costs


VESTA offers many flexible leasing options to choose from. Whether you want an operational lease for as long as you need the office or a financed lease to allow you to purchase the office over time, we have relationships with financing partners that can help make your modular office dream a reality.


Purchasing a single wide office may be more cost effective in the long run. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing your modular office if you intend to use it for more than five years. However, since VESTA also offers financed leases and even indefinite operational leases in some cases, purchasing your modular office is simply one of many good options.

Other Cost Factors

Many other factors contribute to cost, including:

  • Building size: Since single wides are the smallest modular building we offer, you can be certain you’re getting the most affordable option.
  • New or used: New single wide offices can be outfitted with the latest technology, but used single wides tend to be less expensive.
  • Permanent or temporary: Although permanent construction is slightly more costly upfront, the price difference between temporary and permanent tends to even out over time due to the temporary building’s removal fee at the end of the lease.
  • Customization: Modular offices are endlessly customizable at a cost.
  • Beyond the Box: By paying for the convenience and quality of Beyond the Box, you can fully furnish your modular office through VESTA.


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