Executive Desk

  • Size: Available in 36” x 72”  and 24” x 66”
  • Rectangular
  • Handle free locking drawers

Halton Jr Exec Desk

Product Description

Handle-free drawer fronts with hidden locks add to the sleek, modern design and ball bearing slides offer smooth operation. Stylish look for any setting with this contemporary executive desk that offers plenty of workspace. Dual hanging pedestal drawers include box and file drawers to keep desk supplies and business files within easy reach.

Frequenty Asked Questions

VESTA Modular offers modular buildings for lease and purchase. In the modular construction industry, renting and leasing mean the same thing.

If you would like to purchase a modular building, we recommend constructing a custom building to fit your specific needs. New builds are also eligible for a financed lease to ease initial costs, in which you lease to one day own the building. 

If you would like to lease a building, you can still build a new model, or you can choose from our thousands of used buildings in our inventory. 

In general, we recommend leasing if you are going to be using your building for less than five years. Typically, it is more cost-effective to lease for short-term space needs and purchase for long-term ones. However, we offer leases for as long as needed, even offering indefinite leases for customers who may require it.

Mobile offices, portable offices, and temporary offices all refer to the same thing: a modular office building that has been constructed for temporary (not permanent) use and can be easily transported between locations.

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