Berkley Senior Services in Martinsburg, WV, was using a 100 year old home for staff space, but the home was in disrepair. They decided the home would need to be torn down and a new office could be built in its place. It was important that the building would blend into the traditional features found in the surrounding area and that it would be designed to fit in the space with the ability to use existing sidewalks and parking lots to save on costs.

To utilize the existing property, the home was torn down and our team installed a 2,352 sq ft. modular building in its space with a custom interior design that was created to accommodate the staff’s work flow. The entrance includes two separate reception windows for visitors to speak with the staff, and each of the areas provide access to specific staff based on needs. A multi-purpose room was also included in the design so the space could be utilized by the community with access to restrooms and the option for the area to be securely shut-off from the staff portions of the building.

To blend into the surrounding area, the building has a site installed 6:12 shingle roof to match the existing building that is on the same property as well as a site installed front porch that matched the porch on the existing building. The use of tall windows and French doors also add to the appearance and are consistent with the other building on the site. By using modular construction and these features to blend the building into the existing area, the owner saved approximately 20% over traditional site construction.

Berkley Senior Center interior

Senior Care Facility in need of new admin space