Domino's Pizza

Domino’s was searching for an accelerated building solution to complement their aggressive US franchise development program which included a new method and partner who had to not only meet the accelerated timeline, but also the strict functional and aesthetic design criteria; modular construction with VESTA, met those needs.

Extensive design collaboration took place with Domino’s design team and RPM, Pizza LLC, one of the largest and most successful Domino’s Franchisees in the United States. Once our team was able to meet the team’s aesthetic, functional, financial, and scheduling requirements, construction of the first store began in mid-September 2015. When the building was set, 85% of the building was already completed in the factory, including mechanical electrical and plumbing; allowing for work to be completed by the end of November.

By utilizing modular construction and leveraging the experience of the VESTA project team, Domino’s was able to continue their mission to be number one and the world leader in pizza delivery.

dominos pizza 3