Nature Walk Montessori School | Pre-K

Nature Walk is a private charter school, fully self-funded by the owners, and as such, they require a partner that understands their passion, needs and can-do spirit to assist in completing their dream. This project required creative thinking and true entrepreneur work ethic to accomplish within their budget and timeframe. We were able to repurpose a used 4-class building. The original building was a standard 4-unit 56’x66’ multi-class with central corridor and gang restrooms. VESTA renovated the building to modify the layout and upgrade the finishes to accommodate the customer’s needs and the campus aesthetic. The custom layout includes two large classrooms with child height casework and direct egress to the playground, child and adult restrooms, kitchen, utility room with laundry, entry vestibule mud room, multi-purpose space, administrative offices, maintenance, and ample storage. The exterior was painted to match the existing buildings, this structure being the third modular building that Vesta has provided on the Nature Walk campus. VESTA was able to complete the project at a lower cost and in 1/3 the time it would take to site build a similar structure.

Nature Walk Feature