Nature Walk Montessori School in Round Lake, IL was looking to open their doors for the upcoming school year. It was important to the owner that the structure would fit into the surrounding nature of the property as well as stay within their budget. Also, to protect their investment, the school needed to be sure that the production time was predictable as any delays would have an impact on the school’s enrollment if they were not able to open according to the neighboring public school calendars. Nature Walk Montessori School ultimately chose modular to meet the challenges they faced in opening the school’s doors. By utilizing modular, it made it possible for the owners to act as general contractors and have more control over the entire project. They were involved in the special design that accommodates the needs of the students and the construction details were left to our team. VESTA provided 4,200 square feet of permanent building space for the school that consists of three large classrooms, a warming kitchen, entry area, and office. The building includes child sized sinks and low windows that allow the children to view the surrounding nature and feel at home in their classroom. Nature Walk found that by using modular construction, they were able to experience tax benefits and other costs savings. “The lower cost of modular made our project more affordable and within our reach.” Vicki Promenzio, Head of School. Modular construction allowed the school to avoid delays and meet their timeline to open the business in conjunction with the surrounding public school calendars.

Nature Walk feature photo