With the absence of a local MRI, patients of the Neurology and Stroke Associates in Lititz, Pennsylvania were forced to travel to surrounding cities for scans. For the independently owned and operated practice to improve their patient’s experience they sought to add their own system, but zoning and limited space for new construction would make this a challenge.

Following a lengthy and detailed six month submittal process, our team, along with the civil engineer, developed a solution that would adhere to the zoning requirements and allow for the installation of a new Phillips 3.0 Tesla MRI system. The design also allowed for the expansion of the practice’s infusion treatment chairs.

The building was designed to blend with the existing structure and met all requirements of the 3.0 Tesla MRI system including RF and Magnetic shielding. The interior finishes included custom cabinets and countertops, granite sill in the MRI viewing area and state of the art sky tiles to ensure patient comfort in the MRI room.

From the design, to site development, to building completion, VESTA handled all stages of the process giving the Neurology and Stroke Associates the ability to provide advanced imaging for their patients and the first and only 3.0 Tesla MRI in their region.

Neurology and Stroke Associates interior