Oil Nut Bay Resort

Oil Nut Bay (ONB) Resort is one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. Positioned at the eastern most tip of Virgin Gorda, this location provides the sense of living and vacationing on a private island; an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury that feels like it should only be accessible by yacht or private helicopter.

The challenge presented to VESTA was to construct four private villas for the resort to rent out to future guests. Utilizing VESTA Modular's experience in remote logistics and island construction in combination with the benefits associated with modular construction, resulted in successful project.

*The modular villas were initially constructed off site in one of our partner factories located in southern Georgia.

VESTA was involved at every step of the process. We were hired to handle the design, engineering, manufacturing, transportation from factory to the port, and installation of modules on site.

oil nut bay 3

Hurricane damage left a need for the delivery and installation of a quick luxury resort. We utilized world-class logistics and transport with Modular Buildings to accommodate the unique hurdles of island construction.