Old Redford Academy Elementary

The current school was housed in an older building which was no longer appropriate as an education facility. The school board recognized the need for a new building, however they had a very short time frame. They required a creative cost effective solution without sacrificing quality. The school board looked to VESTA Modular to design a building both interior and exterior that would embody the mission of the school: “ to successfully educate all students providing them with stimulation and challenging experiences in a clean, safe and healthy environment.”

The fast-track construction of this school was accomplished by building two, two story classroom wings centered around a two story glass atrium. The design also incorporated using the pre-existing cafeteria and gymnasium for the new building to maximize cost savings. The four modular wings feature spacious classrooms and recessed lockers. Each wing has a unique color scheme which provide not only an exciting learning environment but also assist in defining grade levels.

The two story glass atrium features extensive ceramic tile work with inlaid graphic tiles, a fireplace and a grand piano. The building is sustainable, designed with features such as energy- efficient HVAC.

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