Park Nicollet Health Services

Our team was contacted by Park Nicollet Health Services to provide a proposal for a new imaging building. Their goal was to upgrade their equipment and create a space where both their CT scanner and MRI equipment could be located. Through a standing relationship with an OEM provider, expedited engineering and support was delivered during the entire process and our team provided Park Nicollet Health Services with a 2,288 sq. foot four module building. The structure was designed to accept both a 1.5 Tesla MRI and CT scanner. Therefore, it was delivered with Radio Frequency Shielding and Magnetic shielding for the MRI, and lead lined walls, doors and windows to prepare for the CT scanner.

Modular construction allowed for the total construction disruption period to be approximately 90 days, reducing the construction time by 50 percent or more over conventional construction. The building is designed to be updated or modified to accept different MRI or CT equipment in the future, as well as also having the ability to be relocated to another facility if necessary. The speed and knowledge used during this project allowed Park Nicollet Health Services the ability to minimize any cost overruns, and to generate revenue more quickly through an earlier start-up.

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