St. Cloud VA Medical Center provides health care services to Veterans in central, west central and northern Minnesota. They were looking to expand their Primary Care Service line and needed additional building space.  They required a turnkey solution and had a stringent 120-day construction timeline. With specific needs that included; 16 additional Exam Rooms, a Nurse’s Station, Reception Area, IT & Mechanical Rooms, Medical Storage Rooms and Storage/Supply rooms, modular buildings were a viable solution. The St. Cloud VA Hospital Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 21, 2012, because of its significance to the history and evolution of American medicine and Veterans care, its representation of World War I-era federal architecture, and its role in providing quality health care to World War I Veterans after the war.  Due to being on the National Register, the project required the space be leased on a 1 to 5-year basis. Additionally, the project required it be 100% set aside for a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). With all factors carefully considered, the bid was secured to proceed with the project.

As a Certified SDVOSB, Versacon, Inc. was able to bid on the project and chose to work exclusively with our team, who provided the finished modular building. With experience on past projects with St. Cloud VA Medical Center, Versacon acted as the general contractor and was able to meet the required project specifications.  Working cohesively, VESTA and Versacon provided a new, customized, Primary Care & Optometry Center that included 7 modules, energy efficient HVAC units and ADA Accessibility.  This stand-alone modular building has an appealing exterior that includes maintenance free metal siding. VESTA provides complete turnkey solutions and quality materials that provide speed, savings, and sustainability. Modular construction proved to be an effective solution because not only did it minimize operational disruption of its current facility, it also allowed site work to progress concurrently with the fabrication of the modular unit, thereby reducing the overall project schedule.

St. Cloud VA Medical Center