Using Modular Construction For A University Student Success Center

UTSA needed a building solution that allowed them to consolidate all of their student advisors under one roof. This would provide an efficient place for students to connect with their advisors and for the advisors to collaborate together.

VESTA was involved in the project from its inception. We coordinated with the architect and university officials in leading the design of this administrative office building and establishing the project budget. In addition to managing various site scopes, our experienced team handled the manufacturing, delivery and installation of all the modules.

Our offsite building process allowed for the quickest and most environmentally friendly building process. By utilizing the major strength's of modular construction, we were able to complete the site prep while simultaneously constructing the modules at another location. The quick installation of completed modules reduced time on site which in turn reduced the impact on the daily life of students and staff.

The result was a beautiful, 30,000+ sq. ft. office building in the heart of campus that was built during an active school semester.

MIB Award


University of Texas - San Antonio

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