Veritas Medical Solutions contacted our team to provide modular buildings to supplement their Linear Accelerator used to treat small animals at ISU, a major Midwestern Research University. Veritas had a design-build contract to add the vault, constructed using their innovative approach to house the LINAC equipment and needed a partner to provide the support buildings. The vault needed to be constructed before any support sections could be added with a concern about the tight space available to site-build. VESTA provided 2 modules to fit the need; Module 1 has a dual purpose- to house the Control Room for the LINAC and include computer equipment/monitors. It is also the connector to the existing facility and had to be installed after the vault was constructed and was set into position with only inches to spare. Module 2 houses mechanical equipment and provides additional storage. Both modules and the LINAC building were sheathed on-site and blend seamlessly to the existing building.

The entire structure had to be designed so that it could be relocated at a future date if the university decided to do so. The modular portion of the building features all steel framing that was designed to support a site-built roof. The floor in the Control Room was designed to allow the 10,000 lb. Linear Accelerator to be rolled from the existing building through the modular and into the vault provided by Veritas. All the walls are taped and painted drywall with suspended ceilings containing lay-in HVAC cassettes. The entire building has a fire sprinkler system. All finishes are hospital grade and match those in the existing building and include water-based epoxy paint and Nora Grano Seamless Rubber flooring with integral base up to 6”.

VESTA assembled a team that included Art’s Way Scientific, Invision Architects, Bishop Consulting Engineers, MEP Engineers, and Pyramid 1 to work with Veritas and ISU to provide the support buildings. Design work was completed early May of 2018 and production began shortly thereafter. The factory portion of the modules was completed and delivered to the site on June 25th, 2018. The modules were delivered at 75% completion to allow for necessary connections to be made between the Linear Accelerator located in the vault and the Control & Mechanical Rooms of the modular building.

Veritas Rapid Oncology Center