Miller Family Healthcare

In the small town of Moorefield, WV, Miller Family Healthcare was ready to own their own healthcare building. The practice was operating in an outdated office space that was no longer suitable for their growth. From the early on-set of the project, VESTA made many site visits and sat down with the Miller Family Healthcare team to discuss the specifics of the 56’x70’ modular healthcare clinic and ensure that every aspect of their needs were met. Being continuously involved and establishing an open line of communication, helped build a strong customer relationship and trust.

VESTA developed a floorplan layout that included offices, exam rooms, procedure room, labs, nurses’ station, as well as a large waiting area for patients. The building was manufactured and delivered by VESTA and crane set by the customer. Upon completion of the crane set, VESTA finished the remainder of the building installation within 2 days. To give the building a permanent feel and cohesively blend within the community, VESTA added site installed Lapped Hardie-Board siding, a single-angled, shingled mansard, and a retaining wall below grade on the front of the building for handicapped accessibility with no ramps. At the commencement of the project, the Chamber of Commerce held a blue-ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the town’s brand-new healthcare building.

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  • Customer Name: Miller Family Healthcare
  • Project Location: Moorefield, West Virginia
  • Building Type(s): Medical Clinic
  • Total Sq. Ft: 3,920
  • New or Used Building: New
  • Permanent or Temporary: Permanent

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Frequenty Asked Questions

No. Modular buildings, even temporary ones, can be expected to last for decades. Permanent modular buildings may last for generations.

You can choose to purchase or lease modular buildings. At VESTA, we offer two leasing options:

  • Operational lease: With an operational lease, you can essentially rent the building for us as long as you need. When your lease ends, the building will return to our inventory. Operational leases can last for years at a time, although they are typically more affordable if they only last for five years or less.
  • Financed lease: Financed leases allow you to lease a building with the intention of owning. At VESTA, we work with financing partners who are specifically trained to finance leases for modular buildings.

Yes! Modular buildings are easy to customize. Whether you want a specific layout, materials, interior design, exterior design, specialty rooms, furniture, or amenities, we can customize your modular building to fit your needs.

The best way to understand is to remember that all modular construction is prefabricated, but not all prefabricated construction is modular.

Modular construction typically focuses on the assembly of fully closed or nearly closed modules. “3D volumetric” is also a term used for traditional modular construction. Prefab construction refers to anything pre-built for a building project, including pre-built walls, floors, or ceilings.

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