Alex Ketteman

This year, CTCS set out to procure modular buildings to accommodate our growing student body during a transition period as we plan for building new space, and in that process we came across VESTA Modular. From the outset, my impression with VESTA, specifically Carl, was one of incredible professionalism and genuine commitment to assisting us achieve our stated objectives to the best degree possible, and (with a sobering degree of objectivity) our list of needs was not the simplest.
Carl Ralston handled what would soon become our odyssey of sorts, in trying to sort out sourcing our two classroom buildings, with tremendous aplomb. Between having our initial lease choices hit a snag due to tornadoes, working with restrictive grant funding requirements, processes, and stipulations, to updating our specs to account for floor plan changes, to going as far as performing all legwork for sourcing and expediting the installation of upgraded security doors and windows, Carl was available, affable, and realistic (which for me, is invaluable for project management – I never felt like Carl was attempting to sugarcoat a timeline or overpromise results. Expectations were always well-conveyed and reviewed with our continued follow-up).

Lastly, I want to address the “above and beyond” level elements to Carl’s work with CTCS. As a final step in our process to facilitate board approval of our agreement and assist our own utilities vendors, Carl and one VESTA’s installation crew teams travelled to our campus in person to meet with all of our team on-site and discuss the specifics of installation, as well as answer more pointed questions about building layouts, hookups, procedures, etc from our utilities contractors.

If asked, I’d absolutely recommend VESTA, and specifically Carl, to work with any entity looking to source modular building space. They’ve been excellent to work with, and I am so appreciative of all of their work to make our experience in this process a successful and enjoyable one.