Bruce Weible

I am reluctant to leave vendor reviews while a project is in progress but VESTA and their rep Brian Kelly has earned one. VESTA has been very cooperative and accommodating of our shifting schedule and continuing requests for this and that. Brian has been effective in conveying our requests to his crew which, unlike many other vendors, actually acted upon them and promptly provided us what we needed. When here were some hiccups on the delivery schedule VESTA powered through and made everything work out right. I have been struggling mightily with one of VESTA’s competitors, not mentioning any names, because of their habit of adding undisclosed and unanticipated extra little charges, which throw our accounting group into a tailspin. It’s so much extra work and frustration when that happens that I have vowed never to do business with that (other) company again. Brian/VESTA has been very clear and accurate as to what we would be billed, as evidenced by the invoice I recently received – everything exactly as documented. That just makes everything soooooo much easier. Kudos to Brian and VESTA. They have backed up their sales with action and that is a rare and commendable quality.