Custom Modular Classrooms for Lease or Sale

Customizing your modular classroom gives your school the opportunity to serve your students and all their needs as precisely as possible. Many believe that selecting a modular classroom means that they have to sacrifice certain features, but with VESTA, you can customize your modular classroom to make the space suited for an array of purposes.

VESTA is the premier supplier for custom modular classrooms. We work with you to determine how we can best customize your modular classroom to meet your needs within your budget.

Custom Modular Classrooms & Complexes

Available Custom Modular Classrooms

Modular 12 Classroom Building
  • Classroom
  • Multi Unit

Multi-Class Building

Custom Modular Mulit-Classroom Building
  • Classroom
  • Multi Unit

Custom School Buildings


Types of Custom Modular Classrooms

Permanent custom classrooms are a great alternative to traditionally built classrooms, especially for schools where onsite construction is difficult or inaccessible. Custom modular classrooms can be fabricated offsite and delivered to the school’s location for a permanent solution that causes limited disruption.

Custom Modular Buildings for Schools

Custom classrooms can be used to create entire custom complexes for schools. Whether you need modular classrooms for overflow or you are expanding a department, modular school buildings can be employed quickly to serve your students for as long as you need. Customizing these classrooms ensures that you are providing your students with the resources they need to succeed.

Modular Laboratory

Science and computer labs need space for students to explore and to host a variety of equipment. Custom modular laboratories can give you that necessary space and prepare your classroom to hold lab tables, computers, storage closets, emergency eyewash stations, and whatever else you might need.

Art & Music Classrooms

Art rooms and music rooms often have specific requirements that make customization ideal. With a custom modular art classroom, we can create a space suited for sinks to rinse off brushes and hands, storage closets to hold supplies, and even a kiln. If you need a custom music classroom, VESTA can arrange a space that will hold choir risers, instrument storage, and much more.

Get Fully Furnished Custom Modular Classrooms with Beyond the Box

Why Custom Modular Classrooms?

There are many benefits to customizing a modular classroom, such as:

Different classrooms have different requirements. With custom modular classrooms, you can get exactly what you need to best serve your students, whether you’re looking for new technology or uniquely sized spaces.

Our Process

VESTA’s four-step process ensures that we deliver only the highest quality modular buildings, and it guarantees consistency across the board. From the moment that you first speak with us, we commit ourselves to bringing your vision to life with endless customizing options.

Project Inquiry

To begin on your custom classroom, we work with you to determine what your needs are. We assess your requirements and determine how we can best create the perfect solution. In this step, you will typically receive your free quote.

Design & Permitting

Our team then begins the design process. This process begins with determining whether you would best benefit from a new building or from a preowned building. With new buildings, we can create the most customization options. However, preowned buildings can also be adapted to suit your needs. During this phase, we will also ensure that your permitting is secured.


After you have decided on your design, we can then begin the fabrication process. This process takes place offsite in our factory where your custom modular classroom is constructed and prepared for delivery.

Transportation & Installation

Once fabrication is complete, we then transport your modular classroom to your location. Because the construction process takes place offsite, we have a high degree of accessibility in delivering our modular buildings, so even if your location is difficult to access, we will be able to deliver and install your custom modular classroom.

Custom Modular Classroom Costs


VESTA has an array of leasing options that give you ultimately flexibility for your school. Whether you need a short-term lease for a single school year, a long-term lease for multiple years, or an indefinite lease, we can ensure that you have your building as long as you need. 


Purchasing your custom modular classroom may be more practical in cases where you intend to use your building for five years or more. In those instances, purchasing may be more costly upfront, but it can save you money in the long run because of the duration of use.

Other Cost Factors

Other factors will also impact the cost of your custom modular classroom, including:

  • Building size: Larger buildings may be more cost-effective in certain cases than smaller buildings, depending on their intended use.
  • New or used: Preowned buildings are typically less expensive than new buildings, but you can get the ultimate customization options with new buildings.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent buildings can be more costly than temporary buildings, but you may have to pay an additional removal fee with temporary buildings when you are finished with them.
  • Beyond the Box: Beyond the Box provides you with custom furnishings that provide functionality and style. It does, however, incur an added cost.


Get Custom Prefab Buildings for Your School

Custom modular classrooms grant you versatility and safety for your students and staff. VESTA can work with you to ensure that you get design that is perfectly suited for your school. Contact us today for a free quote.

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