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Modular daycare buildings serve as a wonderful alternative to traditionally constructed daycares by providing versatility and accessibility for you and your students. Whether you need a temporary or a permanent building, modular daycares can meet many of your needs and can be customized to suit your project.

VESTA is the premier supplier for modular daycare buildings. We work with you to design a custom modular floorplan or select one of our pre-owned modular buildings to ensure you get the right solution for your project.

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Available Modular Daycare Floor Plans

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Types of Modular Daycare Centers

Permanent buildings are perfect when constructing a new daycare facility. These modular buildings can be delivered onsite with minimal interruption to daily operations and can be used as soon as they are installed. 

Modular Daycare Center

Modular daycare centers are ideal for a variety of projects. They can be used as temporary solutions during a larger construction project, or they can be used as a solution for locations where onsite construction would not be feasible or would be difficult.

Daycare in an Office Building

Modular daycare buildings can easily be added to an office building to provide onsite daycare for busy employees. This assists companies who are looking to accommodate their employees’ needs and provide them with child care during their workday. Employee on-site daycare is a popular option for a variety of businesses and organizations, including universities and governmental agencies.

Preschool Building

Because of the versatility of modular buildings, you can also make use of them to house your preschool. VESTA can work with you to create a floorplan to hold as many classrooms as necessary and ensure you have space to grow.

Church Child Care Building

Modular daycare buildings can be used by churches and other religious organizations to provide child care during services without the need for busy and disruptive onsite construction.

Get Fully Furnished Modular Daycare Building with Beyond the Box

Why Modular Daycare?

There are many benefits to selecting a modular building for your daycare:

With our offsite construction, you can rest assured that you will receive your modular daycare much more quickly than with traditional construction. This is because we don’t experience onsite construction delays or backups, and we have developed a systematic approach to the construction of the building.

Our Process

Project Inquiry

VESTA’s team will help you determine which daycare floor plan is right for you by discussing your options and presenting you with a number of different available plans. This will allow you to select the one that works best for you.

Design & Permitting

Once you have made a decision about a plan, VESTA’s team will design a new modular daycare or choose the right design for a preowned building. We will also assist you through the permitting process to ensure things go smoothly.


VESTA will then construct your modular daycare offsite in our factory. This allows us to ensure consistency and quality throughout the entire process, so you know that you are receiving a high-quality structure for your daycare.

Transportation & Installation

After the building is completed, we will then transport it to its final location and install it onsite. This process is made easy by our modular design, which makes installation possible even in remote locations.

How Much Does a Modular Daycare Cost?


With VESTA, you have an array of options to choose from for leasing your modular daycare buildings, including short-term for temporary projects, long-term, and indefinite for projects without a definitive end date.


Purchasing a modular building may be more cost-effective in the cases where the building is going to be used for five years or longer. In those instances, purchasing your building may reduce your overall cost.

Other Cost Factors

There are other factors that will affect the cost of your modular daycare, including:

  • Building size: Larger buildings can accommodate larger classrooms and more children, but they will be more expensive than smaller buildings.
  • New or used: New buildings afford you newer technology and updated building sustainability, but they can be more expensive than preowned buildings.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent buildings allow you use for extended periods of time, but they can be pricier than temporary buildings. Temporary buildings can be less costly up front, but you may need to factor in a removal fee.
  • Customization: Customizing your modular daycare buildings ensures that the space is exactly as you imagine it, but it is important to remember that this will also raise your total cost.
  • Beyond the Box: With our Beyond the Box program, you can get the furnishings that you need to put your daycare together without any additional effort on your part for an added fee.


Find Modular Daycare Buildings Near You

VESTA Modular can help you create the perfect modular daycare buildings to suit your needs and cater to your community. If you would like to receive a free quote to see what our buildings can do for you, contact us today.

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