Double Wide Classroom Trailers for Lease or Sale

Double wide classroom trailers are the flexible solution to adding additional space to your school, church, or university. VESTA Modular is at the top of the game when it comes to constructing and delivering premium modular building units. Whether you’re dealing with increased enrollment this year or you want a permanent space for students to utilize for years to come, our double classroom units are the answer.

Double wide classroom trailer

Available Double Classrooms

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Double Classroom


Types of Double Wide Classrooms

Choose a permanent unit if you intend to utilize the classroom space for five years or more. This ensures a safe space for students to learn that will last for decades to come.

Large Classroom for K–12

Ensure your students have access to the space they need for optimal learning. Our double wide classrooms allow for more students in one space while still having room for all the equipment and materials they need to get a distraction-free education.

Modular Lab

From computer labs in high schools to chemistry labs at universities, our modular double classrooms make the perfect space for larger classes to learn. Choose a modular lab from our current inventory or allow us to custom build a new modular lab for your school’s campus.

Modular Study Hall/Lecture Hall

Add new study halls or lecture halls to your college campus. Our large classroom trailers are a fantastic solution when facing increased enrollment or renovations on the main university campus.

Large Job Training Facility

From contractors and construction job training to driver’s education training and beyond, our double wide classroom trailers are flexible for whatever lessons you plan to teach. Get the space you need to educate your workforce or future drivers.

Sunday School Rooms

Provide your church with a stunning space for learning, meeting, and worshiping. Trust VESTA to install a premium double modular classroom unit that meets your church’s needs for additional space.

Get Fully Furnished Double Wide Classrooms with Beyond the Box

Why Double Wide Classroom Trailers?

VESTA’s double wide classrooms come with a range of great benefits, including:

Modular construction is faster than traditional construction, meaning you’ll have your new classroom space quickly. If you’re working on a fast timeline, VESTA has you covered.

Our Process

Your double modular classroom will be ready to use in no time with VESTA’s four-step process:

Project Inquiry

Reach out to the VESTA team and allow us to analyze your project. Once we know exactly what your needs are, we’ll be able to show you all the options available and help you to make the most informed decision. 

Design & Permitting

VESTA can build a brand new double classroom to fit your exact requirements, or we can go over our inventory of durable pre-owned modular units that already exist. Once you’ve settled on a design, our team will handle securing all of the required permits.


Each double classroom is constructed off site in VESTA’s climate-controlled factory.

Transportation & Installation

The final step is delivery! VESTA will bring the classroom to your property and professionally install it. Upon completion, your classroom will be immediately ready for use.

Double Wide Classroom Trailer Costs


VESTA offers leasing options to fit every school budget’s needs. Choose from our short-term, long-term, and indefinite lease options.


Purchasing your double wide classroom trailer is typically a more cost-effective solution if you intend to keep your classroom for five or more years.

Other Cost Factors

When choosing a modular classroom, there are other factors that can affect cost, such as:

  • Building size: Double wide classroom trailers tend to be more costly than single wides, but they are more cost-effective than choosing two single classrooms separately.
  • New or used: Make a selection from our inventory of pre-owned double wide classrooms. New buildings cost a bit more than our used ones.
  • Permanent or temporary: When you opt for a temporary classroom space, it may cost less than our permanent classroom options.
  • Customization: Customizing your double wide classroom trailer will add to the cost.
  • Beyond the Box: Take your double modular classroom to the next level with the installation of new furniture and modern technology. This service is available through VESTA’s Beyond the Box, and can add to the overall cost of your unit.

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