Single Modular Classrooms for Sale or Lease

VESTA Modular has a growing inventory of single unit modular classrooms. School boards turn to us for additional classroom space during increased enrollment periods or when school districts consolidate buildings. For a safe learning environment during renovations to the main school building, our modular single classrooms are the perfect alternative. 

These classrooms are customizable, ensuring they meet the needs and standards of your school district. We even offer permanent modular classroom construction and installation for spaces that will be utilized for more than five years. Get classroom space faster and save money doing it with VESTA.

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Available Single Classrooms

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24' Modular Single Classroom Building
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Types of Single Modular Classrooms

If you expect to use the classroom for more than five years, we recommend permanent modular classrooms. Our single classrooms are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the space that makes the most sense for your students.

Portable Classroom

Our portable single classroom solutions allow schools to place classrooms anywhere on their campus. These temporary buildings are durable, safe, and offer a comfortable environment for learning.

Elementary School Classroom

With VESTA, you can customize your modular classroom to fit your students’ specific needs. Elementary school classrooms can be custom-furnished with smaller furniture, age-appropriate technology, and more, thanks to our Beyond the Box service.

High School Classroom

High school students require a different space than elementary school kids. VESTA will take the time to get every detail just right, from the technology to the seating arrangement and beyond.

College/University Classroom

We can accommodate the needs of college campuses looking for additional classroom space. Choose the single modular classroom that fits your campus’ needs from VESTA.

Job Training Classroom

From construction site training to driver’s ed courses, our premium modular classrooms can be utilized in a variety of ways. Trust VESTA for a flexible solution to your classroom space needs.

Sunday School Classroom

Expand your church with a new Sunday school classroom. It can even be customized to match the rest of your buildings.

Get Fully Furnished Modular Classrooms with Beyond the Box

Why Single Modular Classrooms?

Choosing VESTA for single modular classroom buildings comes with a range of benefits, including:

Our used modular classrooms are extremely quick to deploy. Even a new modular building is faster to construct than traditional buildings.

Our Process

Getting stunning modular classrooms to your school is simple with VESTA’s four-step process:

Project Inquiry

Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re still trying to hammer out the details, VESTA’s team can help you decide exactly which single classroom will work best for you. We’ll discuss your goals and future plans for the space and provide expert insight on our available units.

Design & Permitting

VESTA will secure the necessary permits to get started. We can design an entirely new building custom to your plans. This is a great way to get a single modular classroom that matches the rest of your school campus. If you’re looking for a used building, we’ll walk you through our current inventory and help you select the perfect fit.


Our modular classroom buildings are constructed off site in a climate-controlled factory. If you choose a pre-owned single classroom, we’ll work to add the finishing touches and make sure it is in perfect working order.

Transportation & Installation

VESTA will deliver your single modular classroom to your location and handle the installation. Once the unit has been installed, it’s immediately ready for use.

Cost of Modular Single Classrooms


If you’re looking for a great leasing opportunity, VESTA has you covered. Leasing options include short-term, long-term, and indefinite. We have experience working with the complex budgets of public, private, technical, and charter schools, so no matter what your budgetary needs are, we can help.


Interested in a permanent classroom solution? Consider purchasing your single modular classroom from VESTA. Typically, purchasing is worth considering if you intend to use your classroom for more than five years.

Other Cost Factors

There are other factors that might affect the cost of your classroom, such as:

  • Building size: Our single classrooms come in a variety of layouts. Larger single units may cost more than smaller ones.
  • New or used: Save money by choosing a pre-owned building. Buying new comes at a higher cost.
  • Permanent or temporary: You can save more with a temporary building, or go for a slightly more costly permanent option.
  • Customization: As you customize your modular classroom, the price goes up.
  • Beyond the Box: VESTA offers a premium furnishing service to make adding a modular classroom to your school campus a breeze. Beyond the Box services can alter the price of your unit.

Modular Single Classrooms Near You

For durable, high-quality, single modular classrooms, get in touch with VESTA Modular. We’ll provide you with a free quote on the classroom you need for your school.

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