VESTA handles all aspects of school and education buildings. With experience building both traditional and modular schools, our team has the experience required to ensure that your project is delivered professionally and on time.


VESTA offers both traditional and non-traditional housing solutions for employees. We design, build, sell and lease all types of modular housing options. In addition, our team of experts performs housing management services where we focus on your company’s employee housing needs and identify the best housing solutions for your situation (even if that solution has nothing to do with VESTA). Our team will also handle negotiating the most preferred rates for your housing and be responsible for all day-to-day aspects of billeting and management – leaving you free to focus on your business.


VESTA offers custom storage solutions for our customers. From basic conex or 20’ or 40’ shipping container options to fluid and fuel storage systems, please contact us to discuss your needs.

VESTAModular Construction

VESTA’s Team has worked in traditional commercial construction, as a modular manufacturer, and as a developer. This background allows VESTA to offer a unique perspective on any modular project. Consider using VESTA to work with you as a design-build contractor or simply a modular consultant on best practices and potential cost saving opportunities.


Whether you need a single room temporary office for a construction project or hundreds of office spaces for a major hydroelectric dam, let the VESTA team assist you with your office needs. We offer design, build, sale and lease options. Moreover, our team will identify used product that may meet your needs and negotiate a purchase or lease on your behalf.