Modular Dining Halls for Sale or Lease

A modular dining hall is a flexible and cost-effective way to add a cafeteria to your business or organization. VESTA Modular’s durable dining halls are designed to accommodate the needs of schools, government agencies, churches, and businesses. Portable units can be used during construction, renovation, or for outside events. Permanent modular dining halls can be standalone or built into existing structures.

Our clean designs and well-lit interiors provide a wealth of options when creating the right modular cafeteria to fit your needs. Each building can be customized to include janitorial amenities, storage, offices, classrooms, break areas, bathrooms and more. Their exteriors can also be customized to match well with neighboring structures. Our Beyond the Box services also provide ways to furnish your modular dining hall so it is ready to start serving your customers.

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Available Dining Halls

  • Specialty Building

Locker Room

  • Specialty Building

Dining Hall

  • Specialty Building

Pro Shop

  • Specialty Building

Restroom Building


Types of Dining Halls

In order to fit your needs and your budget, we offer a range of different options when it comes to choosing your modular dining hall. You can purchase or lease a temporary or permanent dining hall, which can be either new or pre-owned.

Permanent dining halls work great for school campuses, military branches, churches, government organizations, event facilities, and businesses. They can be independent structures or built into existing facilities. Modular dining halls can be an efficient and cost-effective way to add a cafeteria area to a retail business, or place a break area onto a manufacturing facility. The exteriors can also be customized to match with the existing structures.

Modular School Cafeterias & Dining Halls

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts are facing tough decisions based on unpredictable budgets and enrollment numbers. Modular cafeterias give schools the flexibility they need to respond to new changes. They can also be designed to include classrooms or quiet reading areas.

Modular Military Cafeterias & Dining Halls

VESTA Modular’s units work great as military dining halls. Our expert staff are experienced at delivering modular units to a variety of challenging areas, including remote islands and even the Arctic Circle. Our premium security options are also perfect for government agencies.

Modular Hospital Cafeterias & Dining Halls

Hospitals can take advantage of our temporary modular dining halls during construction or renovations. Permanent cafeterias can also be built into existing buildings or placed alongside VESTA’s custom medical facilities.

Modular Office Cafeterias & Dining Halls

Our facilities are popular as break rooms for offices, factories, and retail businesses. They can include built-in Wi-Fi, beverage solutions, and office areas.

Get Fully Furnished Dining Halls with Beyond the Box

Why Modular Dining Halls?

VESTA Modular’s prefabricated cafeterias offer a host of benefits you may not have been aware of, including:

  • Faster timelines
  • Greater savings
  • Greener technology
  • Greater customization
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Portability
  • Premium security options

Our Process

At VESTA Modular, we’ve designed a four-step process to make purchasing, designing, and receiving your modular dining hall easy to navigate and cost effective.

Project Inquiry

Our first step is to listen to your needs, and discuss which of our products would provide the best solution. Our experienced staff love solving problems, and they will work to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice.

Design & Permitting

Once we understand your unique situation, we will design and customize a modular dining hall to fit your needs. If you’ve opted to go with a pre-owned structure, we will work with you to find the best available option. Our expert employees will also work with you through every step of the permitting process.


VESTA Modular will then begin construction of your unit at our top-of-the-line facility. We use the best materials and the latest technology to build a modular dining hall that will last. If you’ve picked out a pre-owned unit, we will perform some refurbishments to make sure it will be ready for your organization.

Transportation & Installation

After the fabrication process is complete, our crew will deliver the modular dining hall to your location and perform the installation.

Modular Dining Hall Costs


VESTA Modular’s flexibility options don’t stop with our designs. They also cover leasing options, including short-term, long-term, and indefinite options.


If you’re interested in using your modular dining hall for at least five years, then purchasing might be the most cost-effective choice for you. 

Other Cost Factors

There are several factors that will affect the cost of your modular dining hall, including:

  • Building size: Our modular cafeterias come in a variety of sizes, and each allows for different internal designs and amenities.
  • New or used: While pre-owned units have a lower upfront cost, new units utilize the latest technology and build methods and are more efficient.
  • Permanent or temporary: Temporary units typically cost less than permanent structures, but they may have removal costs.
  • Customization: Our customization options, including exterior materials and interior amenities such as offices and storage units, will affect the price.
  • Beyond the Box: Our furnishing options and services help you get set up to serve on day one, and may include Wi-Fi, appliances, tables and chairs, and more.


Get High-Quality, Modular Dining Halls from VESTA

Every VESTA Modular dining hall is built with high-quality materials and designed with your needs in mind. We’d love to talk with you about how you can benefit from the savings and flexibility that modular dining offers.

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