Modular Restrooms & Showers for Lease or Sale

VESTA Modular offers industry-leading modular restroom and shower buildings. Our affordable units are ADA compliant and can be delivered and installed much faster than a traditional building. They can be standalone units or expansions onto existing facilities. VESTA’s durable structures are also much more sanitary and durable than a standard porta-john.

When you talk to the experts at VESTA Modular about your unit, you will have a wide variety of customization options for the interior and exterior of your modular restroom. We will help you find the exterior finish that will best match the existing structures and aesthetic of the unit’s environment. The interiors can include stalls, urinals, sinks, showers, or locker areas, based on your needs. You’ll also have access to our suite of furnishing options from Beyond the Box, including cleaning supplies and services, trash removal, and accessibility features.


Available Modular Restrooms & Showers

  • Specialty Building

Locker Room

  • Specialty Building

Dining Hall

  • Specialty Building

Pro Shop

  • Specialty Building

Restroom Building


Types of Modular Restrooms & Showers

Each of VESTA Modular’s restroom and shower buildings are available in portable or permanent models and can be purchased or leased new or pre-owned.

Our permanent modular restrooms are often used in campgrounds, college campuses, rest stops, amusement parks, sports arenas, and zoos. They also work great as permanent fixtures at event venues for concerts, weddings, or other celebrations.

Portable Restroom Trailer

If you’re looking for flexibility and portability in your modular restrooms, our portable restroom trailers are a great choice. They carry all the amenities you need inside to quickly set up, hook up, and start using your unit.

Emergency Restrooms & Showers for Disaster Relief

Modular restrooms have been used in disaster zones where storms, power outages, or fires have rendered local bathrooms unsafe or unable to be used. They have been frequently used at COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites.

Modular Shower Buildings for Rec Facilities

A great way to quickly and cost-effectively add capacity to your current recreational facilities is to install a modular shower building. Portable shower buildings can help tide you over during construction or renovations, while permanent facilities can be built into existing structures. Options like locker room units can add more value for your customers.

Modular Restroom Buildings for Schools

Our modular restrooms work great for adding bathrooms to school and university grounds. They can be placed at athletic facilities to provide attendees with nearby bathrooms or players with showers and locker rooms. Modular restroom buildings can also be used at vocational education training sites which are too far from the main buildings.

Get Fully Furnished Modular Restrooms & Shower Buildings with Beyond the Box

Why Modular Restrooms & Showers?

Prefabricated restrooms have several advantages over traditional structures and porta-johns, including: 

  • Improved project timelines
  • Greater savings
  • Greener technology
  • More customization
  • Flexibility
  • Durability

Our Process

VESTA Modular’s four-step process streamlines the ordering, purchasing, and installation operations to get you the modular restrooms you need on time and within your budget.

Project Inquiry

In the first step, VESTA Modular’s team of experts will find out what type of modular restroom you are looking for and explain the customization options that will suit your needs.

Design & Permitting

Once you’ve made your choice, VESTA will get to work on designing and building your prefabricated restrooms. If you decide to go with a pre-owned unit, we will find the best options we have available for sale. During this phase, VESTA’s experienced staff will also make sure you are able to secure the necessary permits.


Our construction process, known as module fabrication, uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to build a durable modular restroom. If you have chosen a pre-owned unit, we ensure the unit is in top shape and perform touch-ups where necessary.

Transportation & Installation

After fabrication is complete, we will transport the unit to your location and install it. Our staff have performed modular unit installations in many challenging locations, including remote islands and the Arctic Circle. We’ll make sure your modular restroom is ready, no matter the location.

Modular Restrooms & Shower Costs


VESTA offers our customers flexibility in leasing and financing. Our options include short-term, long-term, and indefinite leases, depending on what works best for you. With financed leases, you can lease a prefabricated restroom with the intention of owning it.


If you’re planning to use your modular restroom for at least five years, purchasing is often a more cost-effective option. VESTA Modular’s staff will work with you to find out the option that will work best for your budget.

Other Cost Factors

Several variables will affect the cost of each modular restroom, including:

  • Building size: Our modular restrooms and showers come in multiple different sizes, with different amenities for each.
  • New or used: Pre-owned units have a lower up-front cost, though are not as customizable and may be less efficient.
  • Permanent or temporary: While temporary units typically cost less than permanent structures, there may be additional fees associated with removal.
  • Customization: Materials used for external finishing of the unit, and options such as showers and locker rooms, will change the cost of your unit.
  • Beyond the Box: Our furnishing options will help you complete and maintain your modular restroom with the amenities it needs, including sanitization solutions, trash removal, and more.

Get More Restroom Space with VESTA

The experts at VESTA Modular are excited to talk with you about the benefits that a modular restroom or shower can provide for your company or organization. Our fleet of temporary and permanent units are available across North America.

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