Do you need stairs with your office trailer or modular building?

In most cases, yes!

If you need new stairs or currently have wood decks/steps/ramps to access your modular building, VESTA can upgrade your system to aluminum. Aluminum decking offers advantages over wood such as longevity, lower maintenance and an integral anti-skid surface, which is especially important in wet and icy conditions.

We can also provide installation on new canopy systems that would cover your entry doors, walkways or current decking. Canopies offer additional protection from the elements, are durable and low maintenance. Prefabricated canopies are able to fit your application whether it is a 10-foot walkway or 500-foot walkway. Common applications include schools, hospitals, restaurants or any modular system you have.

Some great features include:

Long Product Lifecycle

Aluminum products will never rust which means they are a low-maintenance material and have a long product lifecycle.


We will custom design the appropriate size, height and layout of decking systems and canopies to accommodate your site as well as coordinate the delivery and installation.


All products meet regulations for ADA compliance.

Internal Drainage System

All of the canopy systems are designed with an internal drainage system to make sure the water doesn’t flood the walkway or entryway.

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