If you are looking to build modular villas or townhomes on a remote carribean island or a large-scale workforce housing dormitory on a mountain in Alaska, we can deliver you your modular construction project with no hassle.

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What is Transport and Logistics Management?

Transport and logistics management refers to the specialization of moving goods via the most efficient and cost-effective route. Logistics managers are responsible for both moving products as well as organizing for infrastructure vehicles and operations.

Our skilled logistics team is experienced in moving modular building materials and products all around the world by all types of transportation.

Our Remote Logistics and Transportation Services Include:

  • Train and Rail Transport
  • Freighter and Sea Transport
  • Commercial Vehicle and Land Transport

Our skilled logistics team is experienced in moving modular building materials and products all around the world by all types of transportation.

Transport and Logistics in the Modular Building Industry

Modular construction and its use of offsite prefabricated building modules has taken advantage of module portability for years.

For large-scale, permanent modular buildings, we build out separate modules for each part of your construction project. These modules are designed to fit on semi-trucks, ships, and railroad cars for easy transport.

We, at VESTA Modular, have taken it upon ourselves to specialize in delivering the next level of transportation and logistics services. We will deliver your buildings to some of the most remote locations on Earth.

Avoid Managing Vendors and Partners From Each Part of the Construction Process

We are designing, obtaining, producing, and distributing your prefabricated building modules. This means that we oversee supply chain management for you. This level of oversight creates increased efficiency and organization. You can relax knowing that we are the only company you will be coordinating with.

Why Does Modular Construction Make Sense for Remote Locations?

Remote locations are often missing essential materials for construction projects. Building a villa on a man-made island means that you’ll need to have all your supplies, materials, tools, and workforce transported. And hopefully you didn’t forget anything.

Because prefabricated modular buildings are already constructed, installation in remote, rural areas is dramatically simplified to the bare minimum of stacking, welding, and completing hookups and exteriors work.

Benefits of using VESTA Modular’s Transport and Logistics Services?

1. Minimized Transportation Costs

Transportation needs to be efficient and effective. We work to make sure your project transportation only utilizes services that it absolutely needs, and that materials be delivered and shipped from our inventory and building warehouses nearest to your location.

2. Minimized Logistics Costs

Because we will be designing and building your modular building project, we ensure that manufacturing and transportation scheduling aligns. This efficiency ensures that there are no unforeseen delays in the shipping and final installation process.

3. Mitigated Transportation and Logistical Risk

Your building modules are constructed and can be consolidated to help save costs. Our factory-like building style ensures that permitting and building can be done almost simultaneously and your product can be shipped out the door, avoiding stops in construction. We are always sure to have mitigation plans in place should any part of transport be delayed.

Request a quote to find out how we can deliver your next commercial modular building to that remote Carribean island or icy mountain side in Alaska.