Modular Building Turnkey Solutions

Why VESTA? EXPERIENCE: Industry Veterans with Knowledge in Modular Building Solutions

Modular Construction

modular construction

VESTA is the largest turnkey modular general contractor in North America. Over the years, our team has built permanent modular buildings from Alaska to the Caribbean for clients needing the speed and certainty that modular methods provide. As a licensed general contractor, VESTA has the unique ability to handle all aspects of a modular construction project and act as our customer’s single point of contact for their projects. From single story offices in the Midwest to multi-story apartments on private island in the Atlantic Ocean, VESTA is the go-to option when considering a custom modular project. Our project heritage includes modular hotels, apartments, offices, classrooms, schools, medical facilities, municipal buildings, workforce housing, single-family infill development, and many more.

Design & Build

design and build

For customers seeking a custom building in a remote region or on a tight timeframe, VESTA offers modular specific Design-Build services. Many of our best (and most cost-effective) projects involve customers committed to the modular process from the outset, allowing the VESTA team to craft an ideal modular design for the challenge at hand. Often, we will combine both modular and site-built elements to ensure customers receive the functionality desired. If you are faced with challenging site logistics or timelines, consider partnering with VESTA to create an ideal modular solution.

Turnkey Quick Facts

  • Custom design and engineering
  • Modules are built in a controlled environment
  • Removes 80% of construction activity off-site
  • Improved schedule and return on investment
  • Better construction – quality, precision, management
  • Meets all National Building Codes

Modular Construction Quick Facts

  • Modular construction Saves Time and Reduces Site Related Risks
  • Modules are built in a controlled indoor environment
  • Moves 80% of construction activity off-site to regions where Skilled Labor is Available
  • Improved schedule and return on investment
  • Better construction – quality, precision, management
  • Meets all National Building Codes

Design-Build Modular Quick Facts

  • The Most Successful Modular projects are Designed to be Modular from the Outset
  • With VESTA Team, Painless to custom design and Engineer Modular Buildings
  • Ability to Efficiently Stack modulaes to Maximize value
  • Logistics Plan to Reduce Costs and Increase Speed
  • VESTA Partners with Team of Licensed Modular Architects of record to Customize Projects
  • Often Able to ship Apartment, Hotel, Housing and Office Units Fully Furnished From the Factory

A Few of Our Turnkey Modular Construction Projects

Holden Mine


Four Points by Sheraton Hotel



Arctic Oil Field



Limetree Refinery



Flint STEM School



Ocean Cay



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