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Securing a Swing Space: 7 Advantages of Using Temporary Modular Buildings
Offices move. Companies expand. Landlords renovate. Disasters strike. In other words, stuff happens, and when it does, many organizations find themselves in dire need of […]
Winter Break-Don’t Turn Off the Heat
It’s that time of year when we are excited about the holidays and time off of school to spend with our friends and family. With the long break, many […]
A Buyer's Guide to Custom Storage Solutions
Storage spaces are vital to running a business operation smoothly. Not only does the space house your goods, but it also allows for efficient inventory […]
Vesta mobile office solution
Mobile Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  In most industries, decisions surrounding office space and functionality can feel a little mundane. You know you need more office space, but the worst […]
Modular Affordable Housing
Modular Construction and Affordable Housing: A Match Made in Heaven
The affordable housing problem isn’t one that’s going away anytime soon. With the rising costs of housing, the lack of housing, and the fact that […]
Healthcare Office Solution
Modular Hospital Construction: How It Works and Why It Matters
Space and capacity constraints are nothing new for the healthcare industry. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the crisis stretched those already thin margins past the […]
Construction container benefits
Why You Should Lease Storage Containers for Your Construction Site
Modular construction is much more than trendy housing and inventive building projects. In fact, before modular buildings became the hottest trend in planning, construction sites […]
Modular hospital design
The Future of Healthcare Buildings and How Modular Can Help
The number of COVID-19 cases is still growing at a staggering rate, and the need for more beds, labs, offices, and even storage has never […]
portable classroom example
School Portables: The Modular Solution to Reopening Schools
Portable classrooms are trailers, double-wides, or complex structures that are prefabricated off campus, and delivered to schools.
Construction Projects Preventing Your Team from Being in the Office? Why Office Trailer Rentals Should Be Your Next Investment
It’s time to start looking for office trailer rentals! Spring and summer are here and construction isn’t slowing down, not even for a pandemic.
building material shortages in 2021
Feeling the Impact of Building Material Shortages? Try Modular Construction
If you’re looking for building materials and coming up short, you’re far from alone. The latest Commercial Construction Index from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce […]
Using Modular Construction Methods for Government Buildings
With more than 11 million employees in 2020, the United States federal government is expansive and complex. Add to that the millions of state and […]
What is Volumetric Modular Construction?
Do you remember the joy of playing with a Lego building set? The satisfaction of constructing buildings that conveniently snapped into place was unbeatable. The […]
VESTA Modular acquires BD Modular Solutions
VESTA Modular Announces Acquisition of BD Modular Solutions
June 28, 2021 SOUTHFIELD, MI – VESTA Modular today announced it had completed the acquisition of Dallas-Based BD Modular (“BD”). Financial terms of the transaction […]
School's Out
School's out for summer? 5 Tips to Maintain Your Modular Building
Modular buildings have various benefits when compared to traditional construction. Offsite construction delivers fast and affordable modular building solutions, whether the requirement is for a […]
volumetric construction project
10 Creative Modular Construction Projects You Have to See to Believe
Modular construction is the perfect solution to meet the creative demands of your most unique projects. Schools, restaurants and housing for the less fortunate are […]
custom modular building design benefits
Custom Modular Building Design: What Architects Need to Know
The design and construction of modular buildings isn’t a new process — it’s been around for more than a century, starting with the earliest prefabricated […]
social distancing benefits with modular classrooms
How Modular Classrooms Can Help Schools With Social Distancing
The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a difficult hand to classrooms across the globe. In the wake of global lockdowns, schools closed and at-home learning became […]
modular classroom myths
5 Modular Classroom Myths You Should Stop Believing Today
Faced with limited budgets, overcrowding and COVID-19 restrictions, schools across the country have had it rough for a while now. One of the most pressing […]
leasing vs. buying a storage container
Shipping Container Rentals: Should You Be Leasing or Buying?
Shipping containers are used for all sorts of applications. From storage to office spaces, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to […]
how to promote sustainability in construction
Sustainable Construction Techniques: 5 Green Practices We Can All Learn From the Modular Building Industry
Around the world, carbon emissions are exceeding the maximum levels scientists say we need to stay under in order to avoid the worst effects of […]
how is a modular building delivered?
How Are Modular Buildings Delivered?
While fast and cost-effective, the modular building process has multiple components to it. The units that make up modular buildings are built off-site. That’s the […]
What is a micro home?
What Is a Micro Home? How Micro Homes Differ From Tiny Houses
What’s smaller — a micro home or a tiny house? The size of each classification varies, but tiny houses are smaller. A structure is considered […]
Temporary Buildings Vs. Permanent Buildings: Which Modular Building Type Is Best for You?
In today’s economy, innovative solutions that save money and the environment pack a one-two punch. Modular buildings are one solution that is catching on in […]