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Hilltop X VESTA 1200 × 675 px
VESTA Modular Acquires Assets From Modular Office Trailers - a Division of Hilltop Trailer Sales
SOUTHFIELD, Mich., May 19, 2022 ( – VESTA Modular (“VESTA” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries, announces that it has acquired modular building […]
2022 WOM Awards
Vesta Modular Wins Four 1st Place Awards and Best of Show at Modular Building Institute’s “World of Modular” Conference and Tradeshow
VESTA Modular (the nation’s fastest growing provider of temporary and permanent modular buildings), was honored with 4 first place awards plus Best of Show at […]
Vesta Custom Container
Portable Offices 101: Benefits, Lease Terms, and More
What Is a Portable Office? Portable offices are non-permanent fixtures that can be easily deployed for temporary use and simply removed upon project completion or […]
PreFab Blog
Modular vs. Prefab Buildings: What’s the Difference?
Modular & Prefab Buildings for Sale VESTA provides buildings that can be considered prefab and modular in nature. While these terms may seem interchangeable, they […]
limetree horizontalinterior
Prefab Student Housing & Modular Dorms for Lease or Purchase
A lot of us have been on college and university campuses and experienced the chaos that ensues from large-scale traditional construction projects. They take a […]
Interior Office
Beyond the Box: Modular Furniture, Accessories & More
VESTA Modular is known for supplying incredible modular buildings to a variety of industries. We’re proud to take our customer service a step further by […]
Vesta Modular building
How to Donate or Sell Modular Buildings: VESTA Modular Can Help!
Industry Leader in Buying Used Modular and Portable Buildings Do you have a modular building your company is no longer utilizing? VESTA Modular accepts used […]
South Walton Exterior
School Portables 101: A Guide to Mobile Classroom Trailers
Portable classrooms are trailers, double-wides, or complex structures that are prefabricated off campus, and delivered to schools.
Modular Building by Vesta Modular
Modular Buildings 101: The Complete Guide
What Is a Modular Building? A modular building is a structure made out of one or many modules. Unlike traditional site-built residential or commercial buildings, […]
Modular Solution
Modular Construction Companies: A Complete Guide
How to Find the Best Modular Builders Near You Are you in need of an incredible modular building? The first step is finding the right […]
VESTAmodular officetrailerrental hero
Office Trailer Rentals: A Complete Guide
It’s time to start looking for office trailer rentals! Spring and summer are here and construction isn’t slowing down, not even for a pandemic.
VESTAmodular buildingshortages hero
Is it Possible to Remodel Commercial Modular Offices?
Renovating a traditional office space is a huge undertaking; however, this is not the case when it comes to commercial modular offices. Traditional office building […]
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VESTA Modular Announces Acquisition of California-based Commercial Mobile Systems
December 8, 2021 SOUTHFIELD, MI – VESTA Modular (“VESTA” or the “Company”) a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries, LLC has completed its third acquisition of […]
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How Much Does a Modular Classroom Cost?
After many months of pandemic-fueled online learning, in-person class is back in session. In need of a temporary classroom or permanent extra space for your […]
DJI modular construction site
Modular at the Manufacturer: How Is Modular Construction Done?
The inventive building projects and innovative solutions that modular construction provides customers all begins at the manufacturer, where a unique process is undergone to construct […]
VESTA swingspace hero
Securing a Swing Space: 7 Advantages of Using Temporary Modular Buildings
Offices move. Companies expand. Landlords renovate. Disasters strike. In other words, stuff happens, and when it does, many organizations find themselves in dire need of […]
VESTA Modular Thermostat
Winter Break-Don’t Turn Off the Heat
It’s that time of year when we are excited about the holidays and time off of school to spend with our friends and family. With the long break, many […]
Modular building diagram
A Buyer's Guide to Custom Storage Solutions
Storage spaces are vital to running a business operation smoothly. Not only does the space house your goods, but it also allows for efficient inventory […]
Construction site
Mobile Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  In most industries, decisions surrounding office space and functionality can feel a little mundane. You know you need more office space, but the worst […]
Vesta Homeless Housing
Modular Construction and Affordable Housing: A Match Made in Heaven
The affordable housing problem isn’t one that’s going away anytime soon. With the rising costs of housing, the lack of housing, and the fact that […]
VESTA hospital construction
Modular Hospital Construction: How It Works and Why It Matters
Space and capacity constraints are nothing new for the healthcare industry. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the crisis stretched those already thin margins past the […]
VESTA modular construction blue container storage
Why You Should Lease Storage Containers for Your Construction Site
Modular construction is much more than trendy housing and inventive building projects. In fact, before modular buildings became the hottest trend in planning, construction sites […]
VESTA Modular healthcare buildings
The Future of Healthcare Buildings and How Modular Can Help
The number of COVID-19 cases is still growing at a staggering rate, and the need for more beds, labs, offices, and even storage has never […]