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These Benefits Are Why Commercial Modular Construction is Growing in Popularity

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You’re thinking about investing in your next large-scale commercial construction project for your business. More and more, you’re hearing about modular construction, but you’re not entirely sure what the benefits are or whether they can give you the building type that you’re looking for.

We hear you, and we’re glad you’re doing your homework on the pros and cons associated with modular construction.

For this week’s reading, we’re going to lay out the benefits of choosing modular construction for your next commercial building project. These benefits come from our own experiences, those of other modular construction companies, and based on the recent SmartMarket Report published by Dodge Data and Analytics.


The Benefits Of Modular Construction

What’s perhaps most interesting about the growing trend to use modular construction is that it seemingly provides advantages for every party involved in the process. This includes the buyers/investors, architects, engineers, designers, builders, and commercial general contractors.


Benefit #1) Increased Efficiency Creates Reduced Timelines

We’ve been saying it for years, one of the most significant advantages of modular construction is its ability to deliver your finished project faster than that of traditional or on-site construction processes. Utilizing off-site construction means that our modular contractors will have your site preparation and initial utilities fully installed while your commercial building is assembled in an efficient warehouse setting.

Some reports show that commercial construction projects that take advantage of a modular, design-build process can cut their expected building delivery time by 50%. You’ll benefit by collecting that return on your investment sooner than if you had chosen a fully on-site construction company.


Benefit #2) Quality Control During the Construction Process

Quality control for off-site construction is better because of the streamlined assembly process. Your building materials are assembled in a climate controlled, dry space that protects both the workers and your modules. This means a reduction in the exposure to humidity, rain, and snow. 

It also ensures that the tradesman installing the electrical, plumbing, heating, and drywall are able to work comfortably and maintain complete focus on your building.

We like to note that the same building codes and permits are required for modular construction as that of onsite construction. And while the permits might be the same, the process is again streamlined due to the fact that permitting can be going on at the same time for different stages of each module.


Benefit #3) Buy in from Commercial Contractors and a Demand For More Project Sites By Designers

According to the SmartMarket report, contractors report a desire for more “architects and engineers to adequately enable modular construction in their design solutions.” 

And designers wished they had more local manufacturing sites to work closely with modular building plants.


Benefit #4) Improved Fixed Cost and Price Predictability

There are plenty of cost effective components of commercial modular construction. One noted part of the industry that benefits those looking for modular buildings is the ability to buy, lease, or co-op purchase depending on their business type and their financial situations.

But a sometimes less discussed benefit of this type of construction is that a majority of design and planning is accomplished at the very beginning of the design-build process. A result of such extensive organization is that commercial projects built with modular construction often experience an improvement in price predictability. That is, you’re more likely to stay closer to that initial estimate with modular construction than with any other type of construction process.


Benefit #5) Safer For Workers and Tradesmen

Modular construction is safer for workers due to safety standards within modular building manufacturing plants. Workers have convenient access to all important safety gear, helmets, and harnesses. 

They are also able to work in the climate controlled environment we mentioned earlier. This significantly reduces risks associated with slipping and falling on the job. A benefit for workers is a benefit for everyone.


Benefit #6) More Accurate Timelines for the Construction Project

That’s right. Not only will your price be more accurate, but your modular general contractor can give you a realistic, accurate timeline for your commercial construction project. For all the reasons mentioned above, all the pre-planning and ideal working conditions mean that variables associated with the project are more predictable.

You’ll enjoy the benefit of moving into your new modular space when you expected.


Benefit #7) Greener Form of Construction

If you, your customers, your tenants, and your employees want to build with an environmentally-friendly construction method, then modular construction is a good choice. Offsite construction is a greener form of construction for two key reasons.

  1. Most construction is accomplished in a warehouse, offsite. This means that the required impact to your campus or job site is greatly reduced. 
  2. Within a manufacturing plant and streamlined space, there is significantly less waste. Fewer building materials are lost or thrown out as valuable materials can be recycled or used for other parts of your construction project.


Benefit #8) Modular Construction is Customizable

Modular construction is just as customizable as other traditional forms of construction. From exterior and interior materials, to layouts, height, and open concepts, you’ll get any of the customizations you need to create your desired space.


Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of Modular Construction?

If you’d like to learn more about how commercial modular construction works and can deliver you your next project, contact our award winning team at VESTA Modular, today. Our experienced experts would be happy to answer any of your questions, or select “Request a Quote” below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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